Hello, my name is Andrey!

C# Fullstack Developer

I am ready to consider any your proposals for cooperation in software development.

About Me

10+ years of professional experience in Software Development. The goal of this promo for me is to find a project or job where I can apply knowledge of programming languages such as T-SQL, C++ , C#, Swift (iOS) and technologies like IIS, MS SQL Server, .Net Core Web Restfull API and Google FireBase Notification Services.

My interests include such applied areas as financial accounting, billing, stock analytics and trading automation (to make robots).

My latest projects are CryptoAlert and Kontur.Fruit can be found on Apple AppStore. These apps have a mobile frontend for iOS, implemented in Swift, UIKit, MVVM and backend with using 1C COMConnector, MS SQL Server and C#.Net Core v.6 Restfull API. (here is link to GitHub).

The CryptoAlert app also uses libraries Binance.Net, Kucoin.Net, Huobi.Net and Google Firebase PUSH Notification Service.

My job is to make a soft on assignment. The more precisely the task is formulated, the better my product will meet customer expectations. If task complexity is above of my level I involve assistants.

A software I develop helps businesses to structure and to secure important data, speed up a work process and makes it more convenient.

But, it is not my job to solve business problems, it is not my job to make customers business to be more efficient and to bring more profit.

My Skills

1. Application design based on patterns like MVC, MVP, MVVM
2. Writing clean and understandable code with using SOLID
3. Use to participate in Codereview and Unit test writing
4. Using KISS, DRY and YAGNI principles to be in stream
5. Fill comfortable woking in a team under AGILE Scrum
Here is a subjective assessment of my skills:
MS SQL Server administration 80%
MS SQL Server T-SQL coding 95%
C#.NET MVC web coding 68%
WinForms with Developer Express components 95%
XCode and Swift coding for iOS 80%
C#.Net Core Web API 98%

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